12 Cleaning Hacks: Bathroom

Stop wasting your time and money scrubbing every inch of the bathroom when there are plenty of DIY tricks for a spotless shine in no time using just a few everyday household items. Here are 12 of our favorites: 

1. Basic Bathtub and Shower Cleaning – Cover the entire surface with all-purpose cleaner and let sit for a few minutes before scrubbing. Cover hard to remove stains with baking soda and let sit for 30 minutes then wipe down with an old rag or sponge.

2. Basic Toilet Cleaning – Baking soda and vinegar are great for removing odors. Pour vinegar in the tank to also remove stains, as many of the stains actually come from the tank itself.

3. Bathtub and Shower– Add one part Dawn dish soap and one part vinegar in a dish wand, seal it, and scrub down surfaces for the perfect shine. This mixture also works great on soap scum.

4. Shower Head – Get rid of buildup by immersing the shower head in a plastic reusable bag with vinegar, secure with a rubber band and let sit for an hour.

5. Deep Clean the Grout – Mix bleach with baking soda to create a paste. Line moldy areas and let sit for at least 8 hours. Wipe away and gently scrub with a toothbrush then rinse.

6. Remove Hard Water Stains – Cut a lemon in half and brush over hard water stains.

7. Removing Mold – Mix vinegar and baking soda in a spray bottle and spray down areas with mold & mildew and wipe down with a cloth. Toilet Bowl Cleaner can also be used to remove mildew stains. Pour a generous amount of cleaner over mildew, place a rolled up piece of tissue or paper towel over it and leave for at least 12 hours.

8. Shower Doors and Mirrors – Clean off water deposits with balled up pantyhose. For thicker soap scum, use a Magic Eraser. Trust us, it really is magic! Dryer sheets will also remove water spots and are an easy way to clean up dusty areas.

9. Power Scrubbing – Still fighting those tough stains and build-up? Use a power drill with a strong bristle scrubber attached to drill away the scum.

10. Unclog Drains – Drop two tablets of Alka Selzer down the drain and then pour in a cup of vinegar, wait a few minutes then rinse with hot water. Baking soda, vinegar, and salt will also do the trick if used on a regular basis. 

11. Perfect Shine – Baby oil is great for adding extra shine to metal surfaces. Dab a little oil and rub down with a cloth and they will shine like new.

12. Deep Clean the mirrors – The tannins in black tea will help break up grime and build up.  

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