15 Cleaning Hacks: Kitchen

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Have your kitchen and appliances shining like new in no time with these kitchen cleaning hacks:

Stove Top

1. Wax your stovetop with Car wax and wipe away with a paper towel. This will make it easier to clean up future messes. Just make sure your stove top is clean before waxing it.

2. For caked on messes, apply dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and scrub with a simple brush.

3. Bar Keeper’s Friend is a miracle worker. For burnt on messes or when pots leave rings on the stove sprinkle Bar Keeper’s Friend over the entire area, wet a cloth and scrub in circular motions. Then wipe away clean and rinse with water.

Stainless Steel

4. Bar Keeper’s Friend works great to polish stainless steel appliances.

5. To remove water spots, sprinkle distilled vinegar and add baking soda. Allow to sit for about 30 minutes then wipe clean.

6. For extra shine, use Pledge and wipe in a circular motion.

Kitchen Sink

7. To clean, use baking soda, lime, distilled vinegar, and cleaning solution. Let soak, then drain and wipe away.

8. Clean your faucet by filling a large sandwich bag with vinegar and tie around the faucet head with a rubber band. Let soak for 20-45 minutes.

9. Sanitize and deodorize the garbage disposal using lemon rinds, ice cubes, and salt. The ice and salt will grind away the grime and lemon will sanitize.


10. Magic Eraser will cut through the grime and build-up on the glass door.

11. To clean oven racks, mix distilled vinegar with baking soda and use to scrub off baked-on foods and grease.

12. For baking sheets, mix 1/4 cup of baking soda and add hydrogen peroxide to form a paste. Use steel wool or a sponge to rub off stains left on the baking pan. Let set for 45 minutes before rinsing clean.


13. A simple way of removing tough stains in the microwave is to cut 1-2 lemons in half and place in a bowl of water and run for 3 minutes. Leave the bowl inside to allow its steam to act on the stains. After, wipe away with cloth or paper towel.


14. Put a bowl of baking soda in the back of the refrigerator to help deodorize.

*Another tip, to prevent spills from making a mess, line the shelves with Press ’n Seal wrap.


15. Clean the dishwasher using lemon Kool-Aid drink mix. Pour one packet into the detergent cup of an empty dishwasher and run through a regular cycle. The citric acid cleans away stains.

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