6 Advantages to Buying a Home

Own Your Own Home with Rhonda Gustitus Team

Are you tired of renting? Paying a mortgage that’s not your own? If so, it’s time to buy your own home. Here are 6 reasons why you should buy in 2019:

It’s Good Investment

Homes tend to increase in value over time, build equity, and provide a good return on investment for the future. As your home equity grows you can borrow money against it for various financial needs such as home improvements, education, and even medical expenses.

Tax Deduction

The interest and property tax portion of your mortgage payment is a tax deduction. Certain closing costs and loans can also be tax deductible. Own your own home and get money back in your pocket.


You don’t have to worry about your rent increasing each year. Mortgage costs are typically predictable and stable.

Build Your Credit

Staying consistent and timely on your home loan payments will show lenders you are a good borrower. This increases your chances of receiving future loans for major expenses such as a car or education.

Make it Your Own

When you rent you don’t have the flexibility of remodeling or renovating the home to make it your own, but when you own you have the freedom to make as many or as little enhancements as you want.

Put Down Roots

Homeowners tend to stay in one place longer, giving them the opportunity to put down roots, make friends, become involved in the community and so much more.

Will this be your year to become a homeowner? The Rhonda Gustitus Team can help you every step of the way. Give us a call at 941-426-4394.

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