DIY Projects to Sell Home Faster

Ready to put your home on the market? Make sure before you do it’s ready to show off to potential buyers. Here are some simple DIY projects that will add value to your home and help it sell faster.


Make a good first impression, and that begins with curb appeal. Make sure your lawn is cut and manicured. Add some colorful flowers, plant trees and even add an inexpensive picket fence. 

Smart Home

Install a programmable thermostat for convenience as well as energy savings. Technology is the future, so the more you install in your home, the more valuable it becomes to a potential buyer. 

Remove trends from the past 

Popcorn ceilings look dated and bring down the value of your home. Before you remove popcorn ceiling yourself be sure to make sure it is asbestos free.


We talk about this one a lot but only because it is so important. Take it room by room and get rid of the things you no longer use or need. And be sure to check out our blog post on decluttering.


It’s time to cover up those bold color choices. You don’t want to turn a buyer off because you went through a fuschia phase or the kids wanted a hot pink playroom. Repaint in calming neutral colors and cover up any scuffs or signs of wear and tear. Not only is painting an easy and cost-effective improvement, but freshly painted rooms feel fresh and new-adding value.  

Light Fixtures 

Don’t date your home with antique looking light fixtures, change them out for more modern or contemporary pieces. The more light, the better. 

Update the bathroom 

It may just be the little things that need updating like the faucets and shower head. If faucets are outdated or rusted, replace them with more modern fixtures. Same goes for the shower head. If it is covered with soap scum, it can easily be updated with a modern head.

Minor Repairs 

You don’t want potential buyers to come into your home and think about all the repairs they are going to have to make, so be sure to replace chipped tiles, broken door handles, broken tracking on doors or drawers, and window screens.

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