Simple Home Improvement Projects to Enhance Your Home

Home ImprovementWhile it may seem like a daunting task to renovate your home, there are actually some simple home improvement projects you can do that take minimal time, effort and money and can transform your living space. 

  • Warm Welcome – Your front door is the first thing your guests will see when they come to your house, so make an impression. Painting your door a bold color can dramatically change the way your home looks and enhances the curb appeal. Add some greenery, colorful florals and lighting to further brighten the entrance.
  • Paint Job – A fresh coat of paint can give the room a brand new feel. Rich hues and soft pastels create a calm and comfort. Lighter shades can also make a room feel larger. Painting the ceiling a lighter shade of blue or silver will also help reflect light.
  • Accessorize your Cupboards – Replace generic pulls and knobs with accented pieces or add a pop of color. A new coat of paint can also liven things up. 
  • Jazz it up – Use paints, wallpapers, and fun designs to decorate small spaces like guest bathrooms or closets.
  • Out with the Old – New fixtures can modernize and enhance your kitchen and bathroom. While you’re at it, change your shower head too.
  • Bold Backsplash – Brighten the kitchen with a bold or colorful backsplash. Not only will it protect your walls from damage, but it can also change the entire look of your kitchen. For an easy backsplash look try wooden boards, stainless steel, wallpaper, tiles, chalkboard or magnetic paint or even peel-and-stick tile.
  • Crown Molding – Adds both charm and value to your home. This may be a task for a professional, but it will pay off in the end. 
  • Dress the windows – Curtains or wooden blinds help keep the sun out during warm months but also give your home a cozier feel.
  • Romance and Grace – Add a chandelier to your entryway or above your dining room table to add a touch of elegance to the room. Have a freestanding tub? Just imagine what a chandelier could do to those evening bubble baths. 
  • Dim the Lights – Adding dimmers to your lamps (and chandeliers) help create a comforting mood.

These simple home improvement tips can make any house a little homier and easier to sell. We are here for any of your real estate needs. Just give The Rhonda Gustitus Team a call at 941-426-4394.

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